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PRESSURE CABINETS Because pressure cabinets deliver blast media at higher velocities than suction systems, a Pro-Finish pressure cabinet is ideal for turning out work fast. In many applications, these pressure cabinets will perform jobs four-times faster than suction systems. In addition, they use compressed air more efficiently and provide more precise blasting control at both high and low operating pressures. For really demanding tasks, like removing tight mill scale or finishing hard-to-reach surfaces, a pressure system is normally the only practical choice. Pro-Finish pressure cabinets come in six sizes with dust collectors and media reclaimers provided as standard equipment. (Less expensive dust bags can be specified with some models.) With Empire reclaimers, Pro-Finish pressure cabinets not only reduce operating costs associated with the purchase and disposal of media, but also assure consistent results shift after shift. Plus, they are available with options designed to meet almost any production need.
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