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Nova Cold Air Tube Assembly (4000-01) Item Name:
Nova Cold Air Tube Assembly (4000-01)
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The Cold Air Tube is NIOSH approved to supply a continuous flow of cool compressed air to the Supplied Air Respirator.  All genuine parts must be present and correctly assembled to constitute a NIOSH approved respirator.

Air Quality

The respirator must be supplied at all times with clean breathable air Grade D or better.  Always use an inlet filter on your compressor-place compressor in a clean environment.  The air quality must be constantly monitored to ensure Grade D air is supplied at all times.  A carbon monoxide alarm must always be used.

WARNING!  Do not connect the air supply hose to nitrogen, toxic gases, inert gases or any other non Grade D air source!

Air Pressure

The air pressure supplied to the respirator must be continuosly monitored to ensure it keeps within the specified range as detailed on the breathing air pressure tables.


*DO NOT use until you have been trained in use, maintenance and limitations by a qualified individual (appointed by your employer) who has extensive knowledge of the Cold Tube!

*DO NOT ingest the ice that may form around the cold air outlet as it could contain oils or toxic element that could cause illness or death!

*USE ONLY NIOSH approved NOVA 2000 air supply hose!

*DO NOT modify or alter parts of the respirator.  The use of non approved parts voids the entire approval of the Respirator!

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