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Nova Hood (NV2000) Item Name:
Nova Hood (NV2000)
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Nova Hood NV2000

1.  Air duct distribution system-diffuses an even flow of breathing air throughout the helmet to cool your head and face, and prevents the lens from fogging.

2.  Luxurious, lightweight pillow foam padding-ensures the helmet always sits comfortably on your head.  The padding is Velcro mounted and easily removed for hygienic cleaning.

3.  Super tough helmet shell-made of high density polyethylene, U.V. stabalized and characteristically abrasion resistant.

4.  Large, double lens-optimum vision without irritating side glare.  Optional tear off lenses.

5.  Low Flow Indicator-allows wearer to check that the airflow is sufficient to provide the necessary respiratory protection.

6.  Multi-Layered sound deadening foam-you'll enjoy wearing a helmet that reduces outside ear piercing noises to a minimum.

7.  Strongly attached cape-eight stud domes ensure the cape stays on you.

8.  Abrasion resistant cape cover band-seals the cape and prevents abrasives from entering the helmet.

9.  Your choice of cape-tough but lightweight nylon or rugged and durable leather for protection from rebounding abrasives...38" Nylon cape available.

10.  Snug detachable inner cape-made of soft breathable fabric to allow air flow down your neck whilst maintaining positive pressure in the helmet to keep out contaminants.

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